The Sacred Stones and Their Creators

The three sacred elemental stones of Fire, Ice, and Lightning were created centuries ago by three magic users. What kind of magic they were capable of is unknown, but in order to create something that can control the very elements would take a great deal of power – the likes of which has only been seen in a select few in all of history.

The Stone of Lightning, which was originally hidden on the Southeastern Isles, was given to the royal family of Nelese by Dussem. As the royal family is descended from one of the Creators, they could use the stone in times of great need.

The Stone of Frost was hidden away on the Southeastern Isles for centuries, until a man named Tyrone came to collect it, and brought it on its journey to its rightful wielder, due to her affinity with ice, Trisha. After Tyrone used the Frost stone to help Bessor kill Coonner, the Frost stone was stolen by a man named Woojsung. He was in Dussem’s service as he kept the stone safe for Trisha.

The Stone of Fire, after being created, has been shrouded in mystery. It is unknown how the stone left the Southeastern Isles, where it was originally protected with the Frost Stone, but it was also “acquired” by Woojsung, and given to Dussem. When the Stone of Fire was in Bessor’s hands, and used to defeat Conner, Dussem had organized for him to find in, and then for Woojsung to steal it back. Some years later, Dussem transferred the Fire Stone’s power into Kyle when he was an infant. The power would only reside within him until his death, in which case it would leave his body and once again reside with the Stone it was created in.

The three Creators of the stones were very old, and as the years continued to go on, they began to seek an end to their very long journey. Without a willingness to let their knowledge die, the creators began to seek out a way that their knowledge and power could be preserved. Their efforts led them to the Sacred Stones, and to a mediocre witch.

In order to create the stones, there had to be a willing life sacrificed for each stone. The results of hours of preparatory work and chanting led each Creator to their own doom – but their power would be drawn into the Stones that would become “Sacred”. This was only partially what they sought though – their power to go on. In order to accomplish the rest of their goal, the Creator’s summoned the insubstantial witch. She would be the deposit for their decades worth of knowledge and experience. With her own power and the experience of the Creators, the witch could preserve the knowledge that the Creator’s had accumulated.

When the chanting for the stones stopped, the Creators emphasized the final note by stabbing themselves in the heart. This was the moment the witch had waited for. She had willingly went with the Creator’s after hearing their plan and she devised a scheme of her own that would rob them all of their power and their knowledge. Little did the witch know, the Creator’s had planned for this.

Instead of the witch inheriting their knowledge and power, the Creator’s made it so that her entire memory, excluding only her training and power, would be wiped clean. What would be left would be the knowledge of the Creators – which gave her a tentative grasp on immortality in a rebirth cycle similar to how she was created to begin with.

The entity created was new. The witch, stripped bare of everything but her magical power – even her clothes – became the witch commonly called Dussem. It is for this reason that Dussem tends to… under-dress, and also the reason for each of her new hosts to be attractive and young. For decades, Dussem traveled in solitude, searching for the string of events that her “acquired” knowledge told her would lead to the savior of Getanis.

This single purpose drives Dussem, fueling her every action and every thought – at least until the Creator’s will is done. Until the day comes when she finds this savior, Dussem will forever roam with the solitary burden of training he who would defeat the greatest evil Getanis will ever know. Thus the Creator’s purpose will be fulfilled: with the power of the three Creator’s and the wisdom of centuries, a single person of a good nature would protect and guide Getanis into an age of enlightenment and peace. This the Creator’s prophesied with their unnatural power, and this the Creators set into motion, down to the daintiest discernible decision.


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