The Southeastern Isles and The Oceans of Getanis Mapped Out & Described (Map Soon To Come)

The Southeastern Isles hide, coincidentally,  in the Southeastern Oceans – Southwest of Tellite’s Southern shores and Southeast of Nelese’s. There have been only three people to set foot on the islands since the creation of what the royal family of Nelese call the Sacred Stones (the stone of frost, fire, and lightning). One of those people is dead, another is the witch Dussem, and the last is a 30-something man named Tyrone.

The reason only three people have been on the islands is because of the magical workings left by the Creators (of the Sacred Stones). The islands themselves were crafted with magic, by the Creators, who left powerful spells behind to protect the horde of magical knowledge they’d amassed there. Examples of these spells is the reef  surrounding the islands (created through magic), making it nearly impossible for a ship to access the area, as well as a set of three golden eagles, made entirely of energy, who guard the perimeter of the islands.

Many ships, over the years, have tried to gain access to these islands. All perished, leaving the exact mapping of the islands and whatever secrets they hold deadly secret. Few people in Getanis even know of their existence, but eternal glory and incredible riches are said to lie somewhere on the islands. It is also said that the islands were built on a place of great power, and it is for this reason that the Creators crafted the islands – to access and wield this power. It is on these islands that the Sacred Stones were created, and it is where the ice stone resided until Tyrone claimed it. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

The oceans surrounding Nelese, Tellite, Evangel, and Troy are vast, and contain great things within their depths. Cumulatively, the oceans have claimed more lives than even the last great war.

The ocean south of Nelese is the Braska Sea, for it is he that first charted it’s waters. This ocean is the most perilous because it is within these waters that the great reef was summoned by the Creators. This reef is stronger and shallower than the one off Nelese’s western shore.

Between Neleses and Evangel is the Shwarez Sea, named (at least in Nelese) after the man who first crossed it to get to Evangel. This is where the worlds most diverse sea life exists because of the reef that is just off Nelese’s Western shore.This ocean completely surrounds Evangel.

Between Nelese and Troy is the Dominesque Sea, named such because it is the largest body of water on the planet. Its floor is also the most littered with ships because of the old wars between Nelese and Troy. This ocean encompasses Troy.

Between Nelese and Tellite is the Breaking Sea because it has broken apart the Western shore of Tellite. This is the only sea that touches Nelese, Tellite, and Troy.


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