The Witch Dussem

The witch commonly referred to as Dussem had an interesting beginning, several centuries ago. Dussem’s original name is only known to herself, and hasn’t been uttered since before the creation of the Sacred Stones.

With the life of a commoner, Dussem grew up poor, but with the knowledge that she held power – power that most people barely knew existed. Dussem’s powers grew to a peak, beyond which she could not rise – even before she was considered to be of age. Compared the the Creators, Dussem’s power at this time was miniscule, and even compared to others, it was only of average strength. It is because of this that the Creators chose her to carry on their knowledge and protect their power. That is, until the day when it would be gravely needed – they did not want someone with enough strength to defy their efforts, in even the slightest degree.

As the Creators embedded their knowledge and wisdom into Dussem, her identity was dashed to the wind – never to be recovered. It is fortunate that the Creator’s did this with their final act, because she was planning on turning against their wishes after their demise. This new witch took on the Creator’s will, and donned the name Dussem – forsaking her old one because it no longer described her. With the knowledge of the Creator’s, Dussem amplified her strength to a level that was previously impossible. With a process similar to the Creator’s, Dussem ended the life of her current body when it was old, in order to possess another while simultaneously destroying the identity of the inhabitant. With this, Dussem achieved a level of immortality that was dependent on the lives of the women she’d chosen to reside within.

Dussem, for the most part, traveled in solitude – sometimes acting on the will of the Creators to guide the tides of fate to their desire. But it was not always solitary on Dussem’s journey – she often bewitched strapping men to be her lovers and her slaves. These men were but fleeting winks in the time-span of Dussem’s “life”. What is more prominent in the span of years that Dussem lived, is the presence of wild animals. Dussem had the power to change her shape at will, into the animals near her. Dussem frequented the shape of a wolf, a jungle cat, and great serpents. It is through these tendencies that Dussem retained her sanity, as well as her goals received from the Creators.

It is also through these tendencies that myth and legend took hold of the witch’s legacy – contorting it into the sinister shape of evil, when in fact it is just in nature. People feared the animals of the wilds, assuming they were the witch come to whisper them off to their doom. Others religiously offered hospitality to the animals of the wilds, hoping to gain the witch’s favor. Still others hunted the greatest of wild animals, claiming that they had killed the witch of the wilds. Of course, any claims were false, a few were even started by Dussem herself, to throw off anyone too determined to pursue her. Not that she feared pursuers, but the righteousness she attributed to herself kept her from outright slaying the persistent paparazzi.

Dussem will stop at nothing to accomplish the will of the Creators, and nothing could stop her from completing their missions. In this regard, Dussem is the most determined and deadly person in all of existence – only to be replaced by he who will save Getanis from its greatest evil.


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