Why Am I Writing Scattered Warriors?

This is the first book I ever wrote. Really like, the first one that had true potential. It is more than just my first book, honestly I think it’s my perfect little golden egg, my chef d’oeuvre. I am doing this for me. Not only am I this book’s #1 fan, I’m it’s creator, it’s narrator, it’s spokes person. I’m the guy who will write every word that polishes this shining star to perfection – and I plan on it being the greatest masterpiece I could ever create. Go big or go home, doing things half-assed might as well take twice as long and be twice as hard because it’ll just have to be done again, etc. I’m running with this because I want to see just how far this story can go, how deep it can become. I already know the entire storyline and now I’m focusing on making it encompassing, inviting and entrapping, delectable to the ears and exciting to the soul. With every ounce of tact that I have, I’ll make this puppy addictive. I promise. lol.

Forgive my ranting, that last paragraph, and the one coming… lmao.

I think of Scattered Warriors as it’s own… entity, kind of. In my head, I’ve seen the events that this book is supposed to take. Like a movie only seen in my mind’s eye, I guess. I know the great events, and I know the nearly needless events. Scattered Warriors is finished. As a trilogy, I’ve written every page. Now that it’s done, written and printed I feel like I have the chance to make it so much better. I almost published this book once, back when it was still… unfinished, but I changed my mind and waited. I couldn’t leap with this before I was ready, because it was still just half-assed at the time. It’s like I would have disgraced its image by how I was presenting it.

So now I’m taking it slow and doing it well, because I want to come to the final page and see it. Done. Finished, expansions and all (though now that seems a like a mountain in front of me with the prequels and sequel in mind, but I just mean this trilogy). I want to look at this and know it is vast, and it is complex, and it is finished. A glorious gem on my shelf that I can forever admire.

Kyle Written Word


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